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Hope you are having a great Autumn.  Thanksgiving will be here in no time!  We are already starting to gather our ingredients from the local farmers.  Cranberries being harvested this week in Tiverton~ Apples coming in tomorrow from Old Stone Orchard.   Pumpkins from Walker’s waiting to be cooked! Please contact us with any questions or orders. 

    Wilhelmina's Catering can provide the full range of
    catering services, including:
  Meals By Wilhelmina's

Our new take out meal service! Soups, Casseroles, Entrees, and Side Dishes Packaged in sizes for your convenience

Menu will update every two weeks Order by Tuesdays at Noon All items available for pick up on Fridays 12:00- 6:00 or by special arrangement ~~Delivery service available

Starting the week of November 9 for pickup November 14 contact us to request mailing
Planning We can help you develop the overall "look and feel" and timing of your event.
Site Visit We feel it is important for us to visit the event site with you to work out considerations such as (depending on the type and location of the event) seating areas, table shapes and arrangement, head table, stage location, people traffic flow, service area (buffet, etc.), catering food preparation and cleanup areas, lighting, electrical (coffee makers, etc.), ovens, grills, trash, etc.
Menu Design Since we do NOT have set menus, just about anything is possible! Not only does the menu need to consider food style (ethnic, full meat based, lighter faire, vegetarian, finger food, etc.), but also a completely open list of specific food items. The methods of service also need to be planned: stationary hors d'oeuvres, passing hors d'oeuvres, buffet, multiple buffet, plated/served, etc. Many events are designed to make use of a combination of service methods.
Rentals We work with several rental companies in the area and can arrange for tent, tables, chairs, dance floor, lighting, linens, dishes, glassware, utensils, etc. For the food preparation, events may also need a cook tent, work lights, worktables, ovens, grills, etc.
Wait Staff One of the key tasks in planning your event is to determine the wait staff requirements. We are fortunate to have an experienced and very professional group of waiters and waitresses to schedule into your event. Traditional “black and white” attire ensures the proper “look” for your event. Wilhelmina’s includes the staff in pre-event internal planning/briefing to ensure a smooth production for you. Typically, the proposal for your event includes an estimate for the cost of wait staff, with the final bill based on actual hours worked.
Bar Although we cannot provide the liquor for your event, we can provide you with an experienced bartending staff, setups and ice.   In addition to the hourly charge per bartender, a $1,000,000 liquor liability insurance policy is provided for your event at a cost of $1.00 per attendee. You will need to purchase your own liquor, but we can assist you with pickup and delivery if necessary. Of course, you may choose to engage a full liquor/bar service such as Cardoza’s Wine and Spirits. In this option, we will coordinate with the bar service regarding event details such as timing.
On-site Chef Depending on the event, one or more chefs may be needed on-site for final cooking and food preparation.
Setup Usually, our staff will arrive at the site well in advance of the event to assemble and place tables, layout the linens and place settings, setup the work areas, etc: For large events, this often takes place the day before.
Cleanup / Tear-down At the completion of your event, our staff will clear the tables, collect and bag the linens, scrape and rinse the dishes and tableware as required by the rental company, collect and bag the trash, put the trash in the area designated during event planning, breakdown the tables, and stack the chairs.

Full service catering for the Rhode Island towns of Little Compton, Tiverton, Portsmouth Bristol and surrounding communities as well as Westport and the Greater Fall River area in Massachusetts.

Catering consultation by appointment . Visit our contact page for more information.
Or, call us at 401.635.2003 or send an email to wilma@sakonnetevents.com.

Wilhelmina's Catering
41 South Shore Road
Little Compton, RI 02837
Phone: 401.635.2003
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